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music is a passion for me. it always has been.
i currently live in dublin, ireland but i was born in liège, belgium and immigrated to toronto, canada with my family as a child.
that's where i soaked in all of the north american cultural diversities, and it was there that i found music to be my only passion.
As a young boy, i’d heard fleetwood mac’s ‘landslide’ for the first time and decided that i wanted to create something as emotional.
but it wasn’t until my 16th birthday, after receiving a 12 string acoustic guitar as a present, that music really became more than a friend.

my tastes were a lot more varied than most of my friends and , oddly enough, i found my one seclusion in the dark sounds of ludwig van beethoven at a very early age.
i later became influenced by neil young, tom waits and other singer-songwriters of the 70’s, then punk/new wave acts like the clash, elvis costello, the cult and the cure,
country singer-songwriters merle haggard, waylon jennings and johnny cash, the 'americana' of bruce springsteen and (of course) elvis presley,
hard rock bands such as ac/dc and led zeppelin as well as progressive rock bands like pink floyd, triumph and queen, i began writing my own songs and tried different ideas and different styles.

in the early 90’s, i began picking up on the sound of the more ‘different’ bands, like deus, nine inch nails, massive attack and rancid.
listening to these styles, i tried bringing diversity to my music and developing my own personal style.
joe strummer has always proved to be a big influence on me, both as a person and musician.
from a darker perspective, i can definitely cite trent reznor as an influence – being able to mix classical and ‘broken’ sounds with more structured song writing.

after playing guitar and keyboard for various bands, i didn't find myself comfortable writing or recording with others, so decided to found no hype in 1999.
i began creating my own songs for what would eventually become my debut album ‘empty lullabies’.
the idea of ‘empty lullabies’ came from my own life experiences as music is how i open up.
continuing on the basis of writing meaningful, yet complicated songs, i find my own personal life an inspiration for my songs.
and ‘empty lullabies’ only scratches the surface. these songs are all about old memories and forgotten photographs…

artists and bands that i love (in no particular order):

    nine inch nails - the clash - tom waits - the gaslight anthem - deus - jeff buckley
    mono (japan) - ed schmidt - ryan bingham - damien rice - south san gabriel - social distortion - 16 horsepower
    détroit (france) - calexico - mark lanegan - noel gallagher - pink floyd - soulsavers - teenage head - soulwax - wovenhand